The Number 53 is legendary to GIANTS fans. #53 brings back memories of the great hall of fame LB Harry Carson. Mention the name Harry Carson to QB’s of his generation and watch their facial expressions change. Other GIANTS to wear the #53 include: Brandon Short, Reggie Torbor, Greg Larson, and most recently Bryan Kehl.

However, the number 53 also represents something more to today’s player. The number 53 is the last roster spot on a NFL team. 45 players make the active roster and 8 make the practice squad. This preseason we will be looking at the players that are on the 53 bubble.

With over 90 players in camp it is hard to tell who is on the bubble at this point. We will start with our five most likely and then update the list as we go through the preseason. Given what we know today, this appears to be five most bubble worthy players entering the game tonight:

1.)Matt Dodge (P)-battling everyday for his job.

2.) Darius Reynaud (WR)-horrific returning kicks, will give it a try at wide out.

3.)Andre Brown (RB)-coming back to big blue, but a crowded backfield might doom him (or Ware).

4.) Gabe Watson (NT)- scouts call him a great back up NT. Don’t know how this fits on the GIANTS

5.) Brian Witherspoon (CB)-This could be oft injured Witherspoon’s last shot in the NFL.

Obviously, I did not pick players who appear to be automatic cuts. These players have illegitimate chances to make the team—along with legitimate changes to be cut. This list will be very fluid!