The Osi & The Restless


These are the days of our Osi soap opera lives… And in today’s next episode of this summer long soap opera saga we have word from’s Jason La Canfora that the Giants have made an offer to Osi to entice him and his “sore knee” to once again start playing for the Giants.

According to La Canfora:

"Umenyiora has now been offered a range of $400,000 to $1 million in new money, based on incentives and production."

Osi’s been looking for a new deal not incentives for playing out his current deal.

He’s already made it clear that he’s not going to practice, even if there are reports he’s going to practice on Monday for the first time, (I’ll believe it when I see it) because of his knee issues even though he’s already been cleared to practice. Unless Osi comes to his senses and he realizes he’s not getting a new deal this isn’t going to be ending for a very long time.

His wish to get traded isn’t likely to happen as the Giants know they have one of the league’s top defensive ends and don’t want to get rid of him for below market value. Add to that Osi wanting a new deal and teams aren’t going to be ponying up what the Giants or Osi wants.

If Osi were to accept this incentives package he’d be looking at some extra money in his pockets as he would probably be able to reach some, if not all, of the incentives that are based on him in being the top 10 in a wide range of defensive categories and playing time.

Like any true soap opera we’re going to have to take this one day at a time… Cue Young & The Restless dramatic opening credits music…