First impressions: Giants @ Panthers


Here’s what’s on my mind about last nights performance… From most concerning to most potential:

0. AARON ROSS STINKS.  how anyone can beleive he’s not a bust, I still don’t know.  Can’t cover, can’t play zone.  Defended a poorly thrown ball and acted like that was something to celebrate.  The Giants need to address his poor play before he’s the CC Brown of 2011.

1. Special teams coverage is still awful. Just a cursory glance at the coverage teams leaves you feeling pretty shake Ed about the Giants ability to prevent big plays from developing on kickoffs and punts. It’s ridiculous.

1a. Tynes had a rough night. Should never have attempted a 56 yard FG to start the game. Poor mindset to begin the season, and he missed 37 yarder after that possibly because of the first kick. Not smart decision making from Coughlin. Cost them a TD the other way from the short field.

2. Special teams return game. Something SPECIAL needs to happen with this facet of the game or it’s a continuation of last years failures. Reynaud has no future returning punts and Jernigan was just as lackluster. Time for another approach.

3. Situational play calling still an issue. 3rd and 1 with the power running offense in….. Gee what are they going to do here? Execution pales in comparison to deceptive maneuvering. Time to get back to creative use of personnel and not tip your hand blatantly.

4. First team offense. Now I thought Eli looked poised and smooth. He didn’t have much going with first team receivers though. Some good running plays early with all 3 backs and a commitment to checking it down. Liked the no turnover mindset. The offensive line needs more time to gel. Some blitzes got through up the middle and off the edge… Needs to be cleaned up over the next month.

5. Both Bradshaw and Jacobs looked good as a pair. Couple of big runs for each, and compared to Ware I thought they showed why they are #1 and 2.

6. Second team receivers will be Hixon and Thomas. Both had a great game and will replace Steve Smith just fine. Both have shown good hands and 1st down wherewithall…. 1st team WRs take note.

7. JPP IS A BEAST. Talk about making the most of your opportunity. Osi, lookout.