Tom Brady on WEEI/Sanchez to Fight Ryan


In non-related GIANTS news, on the Dino and Dale show on WEEI in Boston today, Tom Brady spoke about how much the loss to the Jets from last year still stings. He went on to call it one of the worse losses of his career and he still thinks about it to this day. You can listen to the interview here.

Say what you will about Tom Brady, you have to give the man this much: he is a great leader. Those 53 players in New England would run through a wall for him. He is a classy man and  well respected  in

New England and around the league.

On the other end of the spectrum you have Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan. In an interview with GQ magizine Mark Sanchez had the following to say:

"“I wanted to fight him. I was really mad,”"

What was Sanchez so mad about?? Rex Ryan took some first team snaps away from Sanchez and gave them to backup QB Mark Brunell. Really Mark? Really now? Come On! Grow up. This is not USC anymore. You don’t fight you coach OR even admit you wanted to fight you coach. Grow up!

The difference between the “have” and the “have nots” continues to grow…

As fans of the GIANTS organization, we often hear that we are one of the classiest organizations in all of the NFL. With quality owners and heritage of GIANTS football, I believe sometimes as fans we get spoiled at just how good we have it. When your feeling blue about our Big Blue, just remember that at least our players and organization still represent what it means to be classy!