Eli Manning Is Elite, Not a 25 INT Quarterback


Eli Manning’s comments on ESPN radio earlier were a bit out of character when he put himself in the same elite class as Tom Brady, Mike Florio thinks it has to do with the Jets’ outspoken nature of late in the same market. Check out the video from PFT:

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Eli Manning IS the 8th best QB in the league. Once again the question surfaces, does that make him elite? Tony Romo sure does seem to think so.

Now I like the term “ultra-elite” to describe that top 3 or 4 spots, because “elite” does not do those guys justice for what they do. Tony Dungy says Eli is in the upper echelon of NFL quarterbacks, which safely goes without saying. And that would accurately describe the top 10 best QB’s in the league. So if you qualify the top 10 players in the NFL as elite, yes Eli Manning is in that conversation. If you disagree and say the top 3 can only be elite, then no he doesn’t fall into that conversation.

Either way, Manning has shown hes better than most and I’m glad the bravado of the Jets have rubbed off on him a bit. Hey – Drew Brees threw over 20 interceptions last year too, and nearly missed the playoffs. That doesn’t make him a chump all of sudden now does it? Manning is no different.

To the people that want to bash Eli, they’ll find a way to spin this story to fit that template and use the 25 INT marker as proof. To those that actually know the game, watch the Giants play, and don’t simply look at a stat line — you agree he is in that top 7 or 8 QB’s in the league. And maybe if you’re Eli Manning – you come out and make the statement that you’re in the same class as the best of the best. Ok fine Eli — all I ask is that you prove it to me!