Recap Eli Manning on WFAN


Quick recap of Eli Manning’s interview with Mike Francesa of WFAN while WFAN was at GIANTS camp today:

  1. Eli believes camp has been a “little” bit different this year, but they are getting more “quality” reps.
  2. He is still “happy” and believes they have a “talented” and “great” receiving corp.
  3. Eli said his time has “flown by” since he has been with the GIANTS. Each year is “priceless” or let the years “slip away.”
  4. When asked about the Manning secret about being healthy Eli responded “stretch every day.”
  5. When asked about Plax, Eli said the GIANTS never asked him about his opinion regarding him. Eli “didn’t know” if he would be a good fit or not.
  6. Regarding his Tom Brady comment: “What am I suppose to say, No I’m not??”
  7. To cut down his INTs, Eli said he needs to cut down on “mental mistakes”
  8. Eli spoke about the need for the team to improve their third down efficiency.
  9. Eli expects the next seven years should be the best seven years of his career. He feels “young”, “alive”, and “great.”
  10. Eli and Tom have had a long run together but they need to continue to be opportunistic and take advantage of what is put in front of them.
  11. This will be a “more wide open” team this year.
  12. Eli feels good about this team. The defense is “strong”
  13. They need to cut the turnovers in half to get where they want to be.
  14. The GIANTS need to do their part and beat the eagles to be in good shape.
  15. When asked about his brother and his injury he said “I hope he is ready (for the start of the season).”

To listen to the full interview, click here.

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