Recap Tom Coughlin on WFAN


A quick recap of GIANTS coach Tom Coughlin on WFAN today with Mike Francesa while Francesa was at GIANTS camp:

  1. Coach does not like the new practice/camp rules. The jog through leads right up the practice. The practices are naturally longer because you have more players in camp.
  2. 6 padded practices versus 5 non-padded practices before the first preseason game.
  3. Hard to practice running games because of limiting hitting in camp.
  4. Is concerned that there may be more injuries once the season starts.
  5. The GIANTS offense is little bit behind. He did not seem too worried about that. Tom Coughlin believes first year coaches are in a really tough spot this year.
  6. Tom Coughlin does not believe the GIANTS are way off their plan. There are certain guys they would like to have in camp but that is the nature of the NFL.
  7. Tom Coughlin was disappointed to see the players that left the GIANTS organization. However, he is excited to see new people step into new roles.
  8. Tom  Coughlin believes BAAS will be a good center and is a really talented kid.
  9. TE is going to be a year long battle. He did not seem to happy about the position.
  10. Looking at many WR’s for the slot (looking hard at Cruz and Jernigan)
  11. Jernigan will get a shot at returning kicks.
  12. GIANTS have had less poor punts so far. The punting has been good so far. He did not give a favorite yet.
  13. Special Team kick-offs that are caught on the two or three yard line might be the way too handle kick-offs this year (except while playing the Bears).
  14. Does not believe kick-offs will be a big factor. Teams that can knock it out of the stadium will knock it out of the stadium.
  15.  Kiwi is looking a bit rusty but has been able to do everything they have wanted him to do.
  16. Excited about watching Thomas who has come to camp in great shape.
  17. Osi has been the same old Osi since returning back to camp. Him and Beatty have been battling.
  18. Expecting big things from Phillips. Did not mention him being overweight.
  19. Would like to finisher stronger at the end of the season.
  20. It is up to the coaches and the staff to get the rookies and free agents caught up with the playbook faster then in previous seasons.
  21. Is expecting Eli to cut down on his turnovers this year. This has to happen for the GIANTS to be successful. Tom Coughlin said people have to remember that punts are not a bad thing and that the distribution between run and pass has to be better.
  22. Tom Coughlin says he likes this group of guys, but they have a ways to go. He is looking forward to erasing the memories from last year.
  23. All of the talk about the Eagles (and to some extent the Jets) has motivated the GIANTS.