Eli Manning Elaborates On ‘Elite’ Comments


Yesterday, Eli Manning made some remarks about being an elite QB. Today he had a chance to clarify the company he puts himself in, and stood behind his answer that he feels he is a Top 5 QB in the NFL.

Check out the video via PFT

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I don’t mind if he puts himself in the Top 5 — I think that’s a realistic goal for him to achieve looking back when he’s at the end of his career. Just work towards proving it to me Eli… that’s all I ask. When you run down the list, honestly Eli Manning comes safely in the Top 10. If you put him behind championship winning QB’s, he might go (in no particular order) behind his brother, Brady, Brees, Big Ben, and Rodgers. I would say that I would rather have Eli then Ben, so for me personally I have him #6 on that list. Now, if you go by stats, hype, and fantasy bias — add Ryan, Schaub, Rivers, and Vick in before Eli. Now he’s #11 on the list.

It all comes back to how you define ELITE.