Bad News Bears: The Chester Taylor Saga


3rd Down RB Chester Taylor was reportedly told he’d be released by the Chicago Bears this morning, and then inexplicably, wasn’t.

The Chicago Sun Times has the crazy details of perhaps the biggest misunderstanding of the 2011 offseason:

"I was told this morning that the Bears had informed running back Chester Taylor that he would be released. Later on, his agent Ken Sarnoff posted this on his Twitter account: “Lovie Smith told Chester Taylor this morning that he Is being released.…Now, at 1:10 p.m., Sarnoff just wrote: “Here’s a first for me – the Bears just called me and said they have NOT released Chester. “He did talk with Lovie though…misunderstanding?”"

Here’s what I think happened — Lovie wanted to cut him as advertised, but the front office refused and said they gave him $7 million in guaranteed money last year, and had to see if they could get some ROI before they cut him. Good luck with all that, Chicago.