Redskins WR Terrence Austin Is Going To Be Dangerous


I’ve said it before I’ll say it again — second year WR Terrence Austin is going to be the biggest playmaker on the Redskins.

The Washington Post has an article up today about his hard work paying off — and it is. The Shanahan’s gave him a shot late in the year last season to prove what he can do and it’s scary. If you’ve been sleeping on him, promise me you’re now awake. Check it out – he’s the same size and quickness as DeSean Jackson, plays a similar role in the offense and return game, and has simply been overshadowed by Santana Moss and Brandon Banks. Trust me — this kid is good and he’ll light the Giants up way more than the other two Redskins weapons I just named if Big Blue fails to prepare for him. Listen to Shanny’s words on the kid heading into his second year:

"“He’s a lot more mature after learning defenses in the National Football League, and I think he’ll keep on getting better,” Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan said. “The one thing you can’t teach a guy is to be fearless, especially at his size. Regardless if it’s special teams, returning punts or kickoffs, running routes or blocking, it doesn’t take long to see that he doesn’t have a lot of fear.”"

Austin has had a great preseason campaign, and I most notably remember pointing him out to our gracious hosts at the Giants/Redskins game last year and commenting about his untapped potential — only to see him go in and light up the Giants and nearly achieve a comeback victory for the Skins. He won’t be on the practice squad this year, I can assure you. And if opposing defenses don’t plan for it — he can be extremely explosive when you least expect it.