Giants / Patriots: Good, Bad, and Ugly


Well it didn’t start pretty – but the NY Giants pulled out a much needed, motivational, and somewhat thrilling victory over the NE Patriots last night. I say thrilling even though it’s preseason – but a last minute win over the Patriots bringing back fond memories of Superbowl 42 was a sight for sore eyes. Here is your Good Bad and Ugly:


The Giants running game. Talk about depth, the Giants have their choice of about 4 quality RB’s that bring a unique flavor to every snap. And while Andre Brown did well enough to give Danny Ware cause for concern, both of these guys better watch out for the next guy in the good column.

DaRel Scott. Dude had a night. After thinking Andre Brown was going to supplant Scott for the final roster spot – DaRel made the absolute most out of every opportunity he had. Every single snap. He went for 114 yards over 12 carries and a TD coming off a brilliant fake punt. Talk about break away speed! But to me he moment I knew he made the roster was when he took a typical draw play up he gut for a first down and about 20 yards. He was into the secondary before I had a chance to blink… I mean his quickness was unbelievable. God am I glad the Giants took a flyer on this guy. Welcome to the final 53 DaRel.

Special Teams. How about taking a page right out of Belichick handbook and winning that third facet of the game… And in doing so the Giants gave themselves a chance to beat the Patriots outright. A combination of good returns, utilizing a great fake punt, and at the same time providing good coverage gave the Giants the advantage they needed to win that battle. Extremely exciting momentum builder heading into week 1 of the regular season.

Defense. After rattling off a quick 10 points following offensive turnovers, the Giants defense held firm for the rest of the game and I would say took over he second half of the game. Particularly when the game was on the line. Giants front 7 swarmed and overwhelmed the Patriots and got much needed pressure to deliver the win for the Giants. While injuries continue to be a concern, the Reserves showed some backbone last night and some pride. Created opportunities with turnovers, got pressure – I’m excited.


Offense continues to struggle. 2 turnovers back to back did not give anyone confidence that the Giants are committed to eliminating mistakes this season. It’s preseason, but avoidable fumbles and INTs deep in your own territory are a recipe for disaster. Good thing the defense didn’t roll over.

Jernigan’s first half. Dropped balls, muffed punts, bobbles. Very shaky and could very well be this years Matt Dodge. Great upside, no experience or confidence – and jitters out the wazoo. His redemption for his 42 yard return and game winning 2 point conversion cannot go unnoticed though. Coughlin will likely be patient and hope Jernigan turned the corner last night.

David Carr had an off night. Turnovers aren’t just reserved for Eli I guess. His best asset is clearly his legs and scrambling for first downs is something I wish Eli could do more of. But you can’t teach that — which is why Aaron Rodgers and Michael Vick are so highly regarded as passers. If Eli ever goes out and he line breaks down, Carr needs to think run first, throw second.


Clint Sintim. 9 months after tearing an ACL he does it all over again. Coughlin was right, this is going to be devastating for him. For the Giants – we’ll see more of Greg Jones hopefully now.