NFC East Ranks #2 In Division Power Rankings


The NFC East is back, baby.

Maybe not back at the top spot like it once was, but it’s the second best division in all of football according to NFL Analyst Michael Lombardi

Considering the past couple of years the division was called the “NFC Least” — this change of perception is more than welcomed by me. So here’s the deal, Lombardi has gone ahead and ranked all the divisions in the NFL according to these factors:

"A. Great coachesB. Great quarterbacksC. Tough home venues"

And with that criteria – he ranks the BEast #2 overall. Check it out:

"2. NFC EASTIt might not be as good as the mid-80s, but this division is filled with quality teams, quality coaches (three of the four have been to the Super Bowl) and quality quarterbacks. Even though the Cowboys no longer play on the field with the hole in the roof, or the Skins in RFK, or the Eagles at the Vet, or the G-men at the windy Meadowlands, all are still tough places with changing weather and loud fans. I expect the Redskins to be much better this season, giving this division four quality teams. Each game played between each team is a must-watch."

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