Donald Lee to the Giants after Week 1?


One of the hot topics in Giants universe the past week has been whether the Giants will upgrade their tight end position after Week 1. Currently Jake Ballard is listed as the starting tight end and this has not been sitting easy with most fans.

After Week 1, there is no guaranteed contract for veterans, and Donald Lee fits this mold. This is also the reason why the Giants have yet to sign a linebacker, and plan to after Week 1.

Donald Lee is a 9 year veteran who has spent the bulk of his career in Green Bay. His most successful year came in 2007 when he had 575 yards and 6 touchdowns.

Clearly Lee’s best years are behind him, but he would be an excellent addition to the Giants in a veteran capacity. He could mentor Ballard/Pascoe/Beckum, and establish a rapport with Eli for the year. Eli always tends to use tight ends as a security blanket, and Lee certainly would be up for the challenge.

Until then the Giants will have to test out the Ballard/Pascoe/Beckum trio against the Redskins and further evaluate from there.

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