Randy to the Rescue?


Only two games into the season and it’s eerily looking very similar to the 2010 season; with the receiver options for Eli Manning. Last season Hixon was lost during practice, Steve Smith, Victor Cruz, Barden and even Nicks were lost for a portion of the season (if not most of the year). At one point last season I was in full Wikipedia/Google mode, researching some of the starting wideouts, especially when they last played in the NFL. Once again, you have to give credit to Eli for still being able to put 4000 yards last season.

This season, the Giants have already had an epidemic of injuries hit the team including wide receivers with Hixon (ACL on right knee again), and Manningham questionable (concussion). Last week the team signed long time vet Brandon Stockley (the same guy who burned Jason Sehorn in the Super Bowl) and this week Michael Clayton (the former Buccaneer, not George Clooney character) was resigned. The Giants already without Kevin Boss and Steve Smith as off season losses have to find more play makers. So the big elephant sits in the Giants front office for consideration.

What was bounced around by the local Giants beat writers on Twitter was if the Giants would consider signing big named free agents:  TO (Terrell Owens) or Randy Moss. There aren’t many playmakers available that can come off the street and make an impact, but  these options should at least be considered. TO, is probably an extreme long shot for any team due to his recovering ACL surgery, off the field television work, and prima dona selfish persona. 

 The team should at least kick the tires on Randy Moss, who not long ago was a record setting wide out with New England (in 2007). If Randy is in shape, mentally ready and hungry could provide another option to free up Hakeem Nicks from double or triple teams. However, Randy who bounced around to 3 teams last season (only 393 yards receiving) is considered to be a bad teammate, a head case and doesn’t put in full effort an entire game.  A huge red flag for most teams is the fact that Randy Moss eventually couldn’t play for Bill Belichick, who is known for keeping players in line.  The big question is if he still have the physical tools that he once had to be one of the most feared receivers in the game over almost a ten year period.
At the end of the day the Giants need guys to step up, whether be practice squad guys, newly signed free agents or unperforming vets. I personally don’t see the Giants rolling the dice on Moss or TO, mainly because they prefer team first players. Good teams find ways to overcome injuries, bad luck and tough schedules to find ways to win. Many Giant fans will wonder all season what would this team be like if we had the likes of Terrell Thomas, Hixon, Austin, Prince etc healthy all season. The Giants need to believe: no excuses, just win.