Mike Francesa needs to shut up…


Okay time for me to rant for a little bit. For those of you lucky enough to hear, Justin Tuck joined Mike Francesa from WFAN for his weekly afternoon spot at a little after 4:30 pm EST. Click here to listen to that wonderful interview. During his spot with Tuck, Francesa brought up the twitter incident between Michael Strahan and Justin Tuck (below is how it ended between the two–seems bad doesn’t it?) :

"@michaelstrahanMichael StrahanIf they only knew. Lol RT@JustinTuckNYG91: If you don’t know. The back n forth between me n @michaelstrahan is ALL LOVE. No beef whatsoever25 Sep via UberSocial for BlackBerry"

Francesa kept digging for dirt and asking those “deep” questions we all know he asks. After listening to the interview the first time it sounded like Francesa was trying to make it a big deal. After listening to it for a second and third time, it was clear: Francesa was trying to make it a big deal. He called Strahan a “jerk” who should “shut up” and that “won’t be going out to dinner” anytime soon.

I think we all know there is no love lost between Francesa and Strahan. However, when will Francesa realize that Strahan is still a GIANTS legend that is generally regard in positive terms by the fans? On the fox pre and post-game shows Strahan even announced to the national audience that he “bleeds GIANTS blue” and is “Giants homer, I played there for 15 years.”

Mike take a clue from Tuck (who wanted nothing to do with the twitter conversation) and just take the “high road.” Do you really think that GIANTS fans care about what Strahan and Tuck said on twitter (by the way they talked and are considered good friends)? Or do you think GIANTS fans care more about win and what it was like out there? Mike take a clue from your audience. However, as we know Francesa can talk about whatever he wants for six hours as it nicely detailed here. Guess adding abilities are not required to be a daytime talk host.

Do I have this all wrong? Is Francesa the voice of the fan and the GIANTS fan? I make mistakes, but I think I speak for the masses when i say I really do not care about some twitter event, I care about the game MIKE! Focus on that more! Yes, I’m bias towards Strahan (as one of my favorite GIANTS of all-time) but really Mike?? Is this what you get paid for? To ask those deep questions that have NOTHING to do with ANYTHING?

Let me know if you think I’m off base: comment here or on twitter at twitter.com/tom_brant or twitter.com/gmenhq