What They Say…Week 4 Power Rankings


A win on the road against a division rival guarantees the Giants have moved up in all of this week’s Power Rankings. According to National Football Post, the Giants have moved up three spots to number 14, and all other rankings are in agreement that this was a big win for Big Blue.

The Giants Across the Board

Fox Sports – 15 (17)

"There is no overstating what a win over the Eagles can do for the mindset of the Giants. A trip to Arizona and a road win could be a launching point for this team’s confidence."

The Giants also face another winnable game against the Seahawks at home week five, then the surprisingly good Bills. There’s no reason they can’t go at least 2-1 heading into the bye week.

NFL Mocks – 15 (19)

"Where’d that team come from? The team I watched in weeks 1 and 2 would not have beaten the Eagles. Are they the team that showed up today in Philadelphia, or where they very, very motivated to best the Eagles and try to get the DeSean Jackson replay off the screen every time Eagles and Giants are mentioned.If Victor Cruz can play like this every week the offense won’t miss Steve Smith by season’s end. Cruz has great ball skills and he looks much, much more comfortable on the outside. They still need an inside WR, unless brandon Stokley will be that guy as the season moves forward. Stokley’s impact has been in his veteran savvy. He has drawn a couple of dubious pass interference calls this season.  Hakeem Nicks has now had two quiet games back to back. He could use some pressure taken off of him."

Given how poorly Smith played Sunday, I doubt anyone is missing him anymore. That interception off of him was especially gratifying.

CBS Sports – 15 (11)

"Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning always seem to function better when little is expected. That was an impressive game at Philadelphia."

Actually, the whole team loves being the underdog with a chip on their shoulders. No one believed in them this week, and that’s when they are at their best.

Pro Football Talk – 25 (23)

"New York’s original team could soon be nudging Rex and company out of the spotlight."

Gang Green is awfully quiet for once this week, it’s kinda nice.

Below are a few more relevant rankings provided by National Football Post with my comments.

Arizona Cardinals: 29 (1-2, week 4)

Mike Kafka did nothing to help the Eagles when Vick left the game, but would the Eagles have been better off if they kept Kevin Kolb? So far he has yet to live up to his potential on either team.

Seattle Seahawks: 28 (1-2, week 5)

Horrible start for the worst team to ever reach the playoffs, but a come from behind victory should help their confidence level. This team is one more reason the west will be won with a record that is equal to, or worse than, their 7-9 record a year ago.

Buffalo Bills: 8 (3-0, week 6)

They have been rebuilding for years, and it is finally paying off. That was a good win against the seemingly unbeatable Patriots. The Jets lost to the Raiders; the AFC East has become an interesting division, and no one can say it belongs to the Patriots anymore.

Miami Dolphins: 25 (0-3, week 8 )

I could be wrong, but it sounds like Tony Sparano is the first head coach to officially be in the hot seat. It’s a bad start for a team that should be better than this.

Philadelphia Eagles: 17 (1-2, week 11)

For anyone keeping track, the Eagles were ranked number five a week ago. Now that the flash of all their big off season moves and big contract to their quarterback is a distant memory, we are starting to see what this team is really about, and they have a long way to go before they can truly compete. Everyone has them figured out, and they have yet to compensate for this.

Dallas Cowboys: 13 (2-1, week 14)

Tony Romo and his flack jacket live to play another day, and right now the Cowboys are lucky to have him. He is the only thing holding this offense together, but given his track record into December and beyond, they will not continue to win if the rest of the team can’t get it together.

Washington Redskins: 15 (2-1, week 15)

It was only a matter of time before Rex Grossman would start playing like Rex Grossman. His numbers aren’t terrible, but it’s tough to win when you match your touchdowns with interceptions. The defense kept them in the game, does this remind anyone of the 2007 Bears?