Team First Attitude with the New York Giants


As the Giants prepare for Week 4 (Already?) of the NFL football season, a familiar face should be back in some capacity against the Cardinals. This familiar face is none other than Osi Umenyiora.

Umenyiora is coming off a rocky offseason to say the least in which he demanded more money from the Giants, but ultimately had to get arthroscopic surgery in mid-August. This made his attempts futile at securing the new contract he said was guaranteed to him by Jerry Reese.

While Osi has been sidelined, 2nd year former 1st round pick Jason Pierre-Paul has taken the reigns and run with it. And by run with it, I mean run AT the quarterback.

Jason Pierre-Paul has 4.5 sacks registered thus far through 3 games. His athleticism and explosiveness is exactly what made him a 1st round talent.

Even though Pierre-Paul is taking the NFL world by storm, he knows that Osi will ultimately jump back into his starting role.

What may be a problem to some is not a problem for the young star.

The confidence from Pierre-Paul could be heard from his quote earlier in the week on the matter, “It’s cool. When they put me in, I’m going to get a sack regardless. It’s not if you start. When you come off the bench you can do the same thing.”

The team first mentality and swagger that JPP has shown is exactly what the Giants need to finish atop the NFC East.

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