5 Burning Questions

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The New York Football Giants will try to avoid a letdown as they come into the University of Phoenix Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals. The first question we should all be asking is, University of Phoenix? Really? Who knew there was so much revenue to be had in the for profit education arena? Obviously there is for they are able to pay millions a year for the naming rights of the stadium. Perhaps the students, or are they customers, perhaps clients, should ask for refunds because it seems they overpaid. At the very least, shouldn’t they have access to the stadium? What are the entrance requirements for such a place? Do alumni go on to greatness because they have secured a UOP “degree”? Do they even call it a degree or is it some sort of “certificate of accomplishment”? Will the University of Phoenix faculty hire you to teach there if you went to UOP? Isn’t that the “school” that advertised on the back of matches? OK, I have had enough fun with this subject so back to the issue at hand, 5 Burning questions about tomorrow’s game.

1) Classic “trap” game? The NY Giants have an irritating way of playing up or down relative to their competition. Now I am not asserting the Giants as a clearly superior team and playing on the road is always an adventure, but I will suggest that Arizona has some match-up problems. For instance, the Cardinal linebackers are an aging unit. Their offensive line is still developing and a new quarterback is learning, under fire, a new offensive system. I suspect the Giant’s have seen on tape areas where they may exploit the Cards, both offensively and defensively. I only hope they realize that the Cardinals are also paid to play and will be motivated to perform in front of their home crowd. To avoid the trap the Giants must impose their will, early and often. Match their opponent’s intensity and execute with precision.