5 Burning Questions

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2) Sustainable excellence by last week’s heroes. The play of Jacquian Williams, Jason Pierre-Paul, Michael Boley, and Victor Cruz stood out last week as key elements to the Giant’s victory. (for those screaming  what about Aaron Ross, hold your water. I refer to him later in the piece) Will these players continue to perform at now expected levels or will there be a drop off in

performance? With the return of Mario Manningham, Victor Cruz will have less time at wide out and more time in the slot, an area in which he has struggled. 1st year pro Jacquian Williams has surprised everyone but now the element of surprise is gone. Teams have tape on him and will design schemes to neutralize his speed. Will he be able to overcome the new found attention? JP-P has manned the position with All Pro competence but how will he adjust to not starting should Osi Umenyiora start on Sunday? And, the always enigmatic Michael Boley. Are we finally going to get some return on investment or will he wilt under the bright lights of expectation?