Chad Jones Recovering Well From Devastating Leg Injury


PFT has a pretty heartwarming story on the progress of Chad Jones’ recovery from his 2010 car accident in which there were serious fears he might lose his leg. Rewind to June of 2010 and nobody gave Jones a chance to return to playing football but fast forward to today and Jones will be performing a 40-yard dash this upcoming Wednesday to show people how far he’s come.

Jones has been working and rehabbing regularly back in his home town of New Orleans and believes he’ll be able to make a comeback in 2012. I really would like to see that happen and hope that he gets to accomplish his dream of playing in the NFL one day, and even more so, I’d love to see it happen with the Giants. I was excited when the Giants drafted him in the third round of the 2010 NFL Draft and would be pretty pumped to see him show off that potential that made him a third round pick.

Even if his comeback falters though it’s still nice to see him recovering and getting to the point where he thinks he might get to play football again, especially considering that he almost lost his leg. We at GMEN HQ wish him a speedy recovery and hope everything goes well for him.