A Pirate’s thoughts on the game…


As part of GMEN HQ’s continued determination to provide you the best GIANTS feedback and coverage from all over the United States, I recently sought the feedback from Lindsay. Lindsay is a sophomore at Eastern Carolina University and a huge GIANTS fan. ECU has a very large GIANTS following on their campus in Greenville, NC.  Below is a recap of our twitter conversation:

Question 1: With Victor Cruz’s stand out game against the Eagles, what do you see his future role becoming? Lindsay:  Victor Cruz proved to Eli Manning and the rest of the Giants that he can be trusted and a valuable receiver. I think he can honestly be a star receiver and I plan on buying his jersey next!

Question 2: Which players on the GIANTS need to step up this week to make sure they do not have a let down? Lindsay: I think Corey Webster needs to step up and Aaron Ross needs to play like he did last week in order to shut Fitzgerald down.

Question 3: Which player(s) on the Cardinals scare you the most? Lindsay: Fitzgerald!

Question 4: Do GIANTS fans watch the games together on campus? Lindsay: Yeah Giants fans get together to watch the game or just a bunch of diehard NFL fans that aren’t NFC rivals of course! haha

Question 5: Which NFL team do most students root for: Lindsay: I would say that most people at ECU were raised Panthers fans, but a lot of them have lost hope and changed teams over the years.

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