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Enemy Exchange – Arizona Cardinals Edition


This week I had the opportunity to ask FanSided’s Arizona Cardinals guru Scott Allen of Raising Zona some questions about the game this weekend.

Here is what he had to tell me about the Giants @ Cardinals matchup Sunday:

1. How have you felt former Eagle Kevin Kolb has adjusted to the scheme out in Arizona? How do you think he’ll perform against a former division rival in the Giants this week?

"The lack of an off-season definitely hurt, but I think he’s picking it up quicker than expected. I expect him to perform well this week. He’s not put up the best numbers yet, however he is still much better than what the Cards had a year ago."

2. The Giants have shown they can be explosive offensively even after losing Steve Smith and Kevin Boss — what are the Cardinals going to do to stop the Giants from moving the ball this week and getting into the endzone?

"I’m sorry – you lost me, you mentioned something about the Cards stopping a good offense? Next question."

3. How is Arizona’s run defense? Do you think the Giants are going to keep it on the ground more this week or try to exploit your secondary?

"Sure, the run defense is ok, but that’s only because they can’t defend the pass. I would expect the Giants to mix it up especially with the talent that they have"

4. Beanie Wells, last time the Giants played the Cards I seem to remember Wells having a very good showing as a young player — how has he improved and what do the Giants need to look out for in Arizona’s running game?

"Hard to say. The man can’t seem to keep himself on the field on a consistent basis. He is having the same issue with hamstrings this season that he had last season. Nothing has changed. I think he is going to improve though. We have seen flashes of it early on, but in order to get a better handle on the issue, I need to seem him play more consistently. If Wells can’t go, the Giants should have a field day."

5. Larry Fitzgerald, how do you stop him?

"As the great Dan Patrick once said, you can’t stop him, you can only hope to contain him. Seriously though, he continues to make catches I didn’t think even he could make. He had a great grab in the end zone last week on a ball that I thought was being thrown away."

6. X-Factor for the Giants

"Home field advantage – lots of New York fans in Arizona"

7. X-Factor for the Cardinals

"Beanie Wells. He plays, could be a close game. If he sits, could be a long day for the Cards."

8. Final prediction for the game

"Arizona 27 New York 26"