Tuck Rule 2?


Ok, rewind about 10 years ago, the Patriots and Raiders playoff game (who ironically played today); Tom Brady is sacked, fumbles and the Raiders recover seemingly ending the game only to have the play reversed by an unheard of rule called the “tuck rule” and today’s call could fall into that neighborhood of obscure rulings. Myself, like many Giant fans saw another weird way to lose a game very similar to Eli’s phantom fumble last year vs the Eagles. However, the officials dug deep into the rule book to give the Giants new life to pull out the victory.

I disagree with the experts/ commentators that Victor Cruz tripped or stumbled to stop his progress and fumbled. In my opinion Cruz saw he couldn’t advance further and just dropped to avoid fumbling. I’ve been following football for years, and I pride myself on being able to call penalties in advance never knew of this rule. During the course of a season teams need every victory possible and pulling out this one tonight will prove to be huge when trying to make the playoffs.
Trust me, Cardinal fans will see that they were robbed of a win by the officials, but they had plenty of opportunities to stop the Giants in that last drive. To be honest, Eli and the Giants showed a lot of resolve to not give up after going down by 10 into the 4th quarter. This type of victory goes long into the forming of a special team.