Giants Finish Cardinals


The Giants beat the Cardinals Sunday with a fantastic 4th quarter comeback.  Eli Manning was again efficient in the second half, and superb in the 4th quarter.  Eli is 32-40 for 415 yards, 4TD’s and no INT’s in the second half of games in the past three weeks.  That is just an amazing performance.  However, I believe that this game was actually won in the first half.  The defense that gave up some second half points, and some big chunks of yardage against the run, was superb in the first half.  The Cardinals first three drives were as follows:

1.  After an Ahmad Bradshaw fumble, the Cardinals started in the Red Zone (the Giants 16), and got three points.

2. After forcing the Giants to punt, Arizona got the ball at their own 48, and turned the ball over in the Red Zone( Giants 17).

3. 15 plays 80 yards 9 minutes of possession, and got three points.

The first half defense by the Giants, and their uncanny knack of denying points from point blank range, put the team in position to win the game in the end.

Last week I mentioned how statistically equal these two teams were.  Well yesterday did nothing to change that.  Here are some stats:

Total Plays: Giants 65  Cardinals 70

Total Yards: Giants 360 Cardinals 368

Turnovers: Two each

First Downs: Giants 24  Cardinals 22

The Cardinals had lost two games by a total of 4 points…now it’s three by 8 points.

Not much is different about these teams except the Giants have shown the ability to finish games this year, something the Cardinals still need to perfect.