Quotes of the Day: Michael Boley and Tom Coughlin


Here is Coach Tom Coughlin on the state of the Giants run defense, I think it speaks volumes about the Giants defensive focus heading into week 5:

"“We’re going to have to take some extraordinary means to try to solve that issue. The fact of the matter is that has to stop We talked about that this morning. We talked about it last night. We’ve got to sure this thing up and deny that part of the game.”"

And here is Michael Boley on the importance of finishing this season:

"“We didn’t do a good job of [finishing] last year so that was a big emphasis for us going into this year…. It is just a matter of ‘want to.’ I think we have a different mentality to finishing games now. I think at times last year, we got kind of lackadaisical at times. We got away from the things we did earlier in the game as far as keeping the pressure on. This year it is a different mentality as a team. Our whole mentality is to keep the pressure on and don’t let up, even during the times late in the game when we are behind like yesterday. It was kind of like don’t lose hope because there is always time.”"

[via ESPN]