Enemy Exchange: Buffalo Bills Learn About The Giants


This week I had a chance to exchange with Bradley Andrews of FanSided’s Buffalo Bills Blog BuffaLowDown.

Wow — that is some alliteration right there…. Anyway here is what they wanted to know about the Giants:

"1) What the heck happened last week against the Seahawks? Was it just a bad game, or do the Giants have some glaring issues Seattle exposed?"

I think the giants are in a transition year and had some glaring things like lack of blocking and run game bite them a bit. That said, they nearly won it inside 2 minutes. Happened to go the other way. This week I look for more consistency and better defense to keep the Giants ahead of the Bills an not play catch up.

"2) A lot of Giants won’t be active for this weeks game: RB Brandon Jacobs, DL Justin Tuck and G Chris Snee among others. Which absence will create the biggest problem for the Giants?"

In the trenches on both sides of the ball. Jacobs is the least of our concerns. Tuck and Snee are All-Pro type players and extremely vital to e identity of be Giants. Will be interesting to see the offensive line that much worse off, and I hope Kiwanuka plays some DE on place of Tuck this week to help stop be run and get more pressure on the passer.

"3) WR Victor Cruz has been a monster in the past three games (17 catches, 369 yards, 21.7 avg, 3 TD). Are we seeing a superstar develop?"

Yes, he’s been outstanding as a wideout and makes big plays every game. With Nicks opposite and Manningham in the mix too, the Giants have a potent WR trio. Even mores than when Smith was here.

"4) Besides Cruz, are there any other young Giants playing well that are still maybe flying under the radar?"

LB Jacquain Williams has been good. JPP has been great. And DT Dwayne Hendricks will join Linval Joseph on the line this week for this first time. Could be a very interesting game with the reliance on young players on defense.

"5) The Giants have certainly been able to move the ball through the air, but the running game has struggled. Has the problem been with the offensive line, the running backs, play calling, or some combination of those factors?"

Line changes more than anything. AB44 still knows how to run, play calling occasionally has been a little stagnant but at times it’s been stellar too. Right now the GMEN need to execute better at every level to succeed on the ground. Starts with blocking.

"6) Any other storylines or players to watch out for during the game?"

I think TE Jake Ballard could have another huge game, Eli has hit him for several big gashes and clutch TD’s. I want to see more from him.

"7) How about a prediction for the game?"

I think the Giants win by a score and figure some things out. 31-24 Giants.