John Mara Gets Two New Jobs Today


John Mara, owner of the New York Giants, was given a new job by NFL  Commissioner Roger Goodell today. Mara was appointed as the NFL Management Council’s chairman, which is considered the most powerful committee in the NFL. Carolina Panthers’ owner Jerry Richardson was the former head of the committee.

This is a big step up for Mara as the NFL Management Council is the leagues primary labor committee. Jerry Richardson at times throughout the lockout this past off-season was seen as someone who was hindering the progress of talks rather than moving them forward and it probably played a part in Mara being named the new chair.

Mara was one of the key owners who took on an active role during the holdout negotiations and also has great relationships with other owners around the league, both of which should make this a very comfortable position for him to take on.

In addition to being named the chairman of the NFL Management Council he is also going to be a involved with the newly created Health and Safety Advisory Committee that will be chaired by John York, who is the owner of the San Francisco 49ers. This safety committe will consist of Mara, York, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, Atlanta Falcons president Rich McKay and Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy.

With the labor negotiations of this past off-season behind us Mara might be focusing his attentions more on the safety committee as the league deals with all the health and safety issues that have arisen with the past couple of years and the main issue that needs to be dealt with is concussions.

The concussion controversy isn’t going to be going away any time soon and the league needs to find a way to deal with the problem. More and more concussions are happening. It seems as if there’s at least one every week and the league has to figure out a way to curb them and treat them properly. Until that happens they’re going to keep happening at their current frequent pace and sooner or later there’s going to be a player concussed that will cause him to lose more than just their career. Hopefully Mara and the safety committee can come up with an idea to stop that before it’s too late.