NFL Predictions Week 7: ESPN Pick Jets To Crash!


The New York Giants sit atop of the NFC East in Week 7. They also find themselves with a much needed Bye Week. Fret not, football fans. There is still plenty of pigskin to go around this week! There are some great games that you won’t want to miss…and some that you would probably prefer to watch paint dry instead.

We hop over the fence to see what teams the experts over at ESPN are picking this week, as well as gawk at their results from last week. Naturally, we’ll be doing the same for yours truly. Each week, I go head to head with the big boys and live to tell about it. How did I do last week? Who am I picking this week? Come on in and take a look at my breakdown and analysis for each game.

Seahawks @ Browns: Seattle has the third worst offense in the NFL. Factor in that their starting QB, Tavaris Jackson, will most likely not be play and you have a recipe for a big, fat loss. Cleveland have one of the best defenses in the league. But they too will have some key players out. They do have the home field advantage and are in much better shape for this matchup. Browns win.

Falcons @ Lions: We’re not likely to see a replay of the secret handshake fiasco that we witnessed last week. Mike Smith and the Falcons are too classy for that sort of thing. They will be looking to help one of their brightest stars, and one of the most beloved personas in the NFL, reach a big milestone. Tony Gonzalez is just 4 catches away from securing the the 2nd most receptions of all time. Jerry Rice holds the top spot with 1,549 career catches. Gonzalez is likely to earn his spot in the history books. But his team is not likely to win this game. May the Schwartz be with you. Lions win.

Texans @ Titans: Oh yes, folks. There will be blood! It’s a deadly battle between bitter division rivals…and the no holds barred MMA, last man standing rematch between Andre Johnson and Cortland Finnegan! It is hard to erase that brawl from one’s mind! When these two teams met last, Tennessee annihilated Houston by a score of 31-17. The injuries the Texans are contending with, the decline in their late game play and the home field advantage in Tennessee’s corner, Houston will find themselves playing catch up for the rest of the year. Titans win.

Broncos @ Dolphins: Denver doesn’t have much to lose in this game. Hence, Tim Tebow getting the start. If the front office and coaches throw caution to the wind for, at least one quarter, they might find that Tebow IS capable of doing good things. “Conventional” is not exactly the trend in the NFL right now. If they let the guy do his thing, they might be pleasantly surprised. Hey, they’ve got nothing else to lose. Broncos win.

Chargers @ Jets: Yeah, yeah. I know, “How the heck can you pick the Jets over the Chargers, G_Man?!” Let’s delve into that. San Diego are 4-1. That sounds great. However, the teams they defeated weren’t exactly the cream of the crop AND…AND…AND…they struggled against each of these teams. The only legitimate team that they faced were the Patriots…and they lost. The Chargers turn the ball over WAY too much. Their turnover differential is -5. -5!! The Jets have momentum, talent and 80,000 football fanatics from New York and New Jersey on their side. The choice is clear. Jets win.

Bears @ Buccaneers: Well, it’s not really being played in Tampa Bay. These blokes will have hopped over the pond to play this one in England. ChiTown are not showing the promise that they showed late last season. Jay Cutler has outgunned his opposing QBs the last two weeks. But he is relying on the third worst offensive line league and the fourth worst defense in the league. The Bucs have been coming on strong and will be way too much for the bears to handle across the sea. Bucs win.

Redskins @ Panthers: OK, I said it last week…but this time I really mean it! This is the week that Cam Newton gets another win under his belt. Besides, the Skins seem to be back in that, same ole’ Redksins, mode. Panthers win.

Chiefs @ Raiders: While their defense seemed spotty at times, I am confident that Oakland will put together a solid performance all the way around this week. The things they have been doing lately have been tremendous. I think they just might have an angle looking down on them…cough…cough…Al Davis. Raiders win…and win BIG!

Steelers @ Cardinals: Pittsburgh lead the league in turnovers. But you can never count Ben Roethlisberger out entirely. Sure, they Steelers are old and are missing a step or two but they still have a few steps over the cards. Home field advantage or not…Steelers win.

Rams @ Cowboys: Cowboys Stadium has stripper poles and a box for Jerry Jones to pick his nose in. It’s hard to go in and beat that, especially if you are the Rams. Cowboys win. Yee-freakin-ha! Moving on.

Packers @ Vikings: I’ll say that again in case you missed it. Packers @ Vikings. Packers obliterate the Vikings and melt their faces off by halftime. Behold the power of cheese.

Colts @ Saints: I mean, why even play this game? The Colts are throwing their games to get next year’s 1st overall pick in the Draft. It will be a nice few days down in the Big Easy for Indy. Guys, have some crawfish, beignets and some Hurricanes. Saints win. Pick of the week.

Ravens @ Jaguars: OK, the Jags have 15 players on their injury report. 13 were limited. 2 did not participate. not only do they stink to high heaven but they are all banged up. Do I really need to conjure up stats for this game? Ravens win.

Well, those are my picks for this week, folks. Yay or nay? Your thoughts.

**Teams with Bye Weeks: Bills, Patriots, Bengals, Giants, Eagles, 49ers.**

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