Brandon Jacobs Has New York Giants In His Rearview Mirror


The sometimes malcontent back-up running back for the Giants already said he doesn’t seem himself being a Giant past his current contract and even though the Giants beat the Dolphins yesterday Jacobs wasn’t much of a factor in the game.

But he doesn’t care too much about that and his reduced role. After the victory he told, “I’ve got nothing positive to say.” He also said that, “the most positive thing: I got family at home and I got a fast-ass car being delivered on Tuesday. That’s it.”

A fast-ass car. And that’s it. Hopefully that car will drive him fast enough out of town once the season is done because it looks like this will be his last with the Giants, unless his attitude changes and he takes a huge-ass pay cut.

I can understand his frustration. He only got five touches against the Dolphins for a total of ten yards but he probably wouldn’t have received that many touches if it weren’t for Bradshaw’s foot injury. The Giants clearly favor Bradshaw as the #1 RB and that #1-A and #1-B platoon the Giants kept touting with Bradshaw and Jacobs has clearly turned into Bradshaw being the #1 RB and Jacobs the #2 RB.