The Blame Game: Kevin Gilbride Edition


The Niners and there sparkling 7-1 record took on the Giants and their surprising 6-2 record in a hard fought, nail biting thriller that ended in a heartbreaking Giants loss.

The game, although sloppy, was extremely entertaining in both the defense and offense side of the ball. Eli Manning had a pair of picks, but also had some spectacular throws that proved his elite status thus more. Alex Smith, the former 1st overall pick, did his best to shush the critics on his way to his 8th win of the season.

After the 27-20 loss many names started to get thrown around as to who was at fault. Manningham could have had a spectacular grab in the end zone had he laid out more. Manning had a costly interception on the drive before that set up the game winning drive. Diehl was not successful in covering Justin Smith that led to the turnover on downs, and the game ending.

These 3 man do take a share of blame for the loss, but the man that should be looked at more than anyone is Kevin Gilbride. His lack of creativity on the offensive side of the ball, and his need to run on almost every 2nd down is a great cause of concern. If a draw play was an actual person, I am pretty sure Kevin Gilbride would be married to it.

On the last drive of the game, Manningmanaged to convert 2 out of 3 desperation 4th down conversions. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

While in striking distance of the redzone and what seemed to be another Eli Manning 4th quarter comeback, Gilbride did the opposite of his gameplan — He called a passing play on 2nd down. The ball went through Manningham’s hands, and Gilbrides attempt to look like a hero failed. The Giants were only 2 yards away from securing a 1st down, so wouldnt that be the perfect time to run it? Gilbride defies logic, goes for it, and fails. Then to make matters worse he runs it up the gut with DJ Ware instead of Brandon Jacobs on 3rd down and he comes up with no gain.

Incomplete pass, Turnover on Downs, Game over.

Now do not get me wrong, the whole team is at fault for the loss. A loss is the culmination of things not going right. But if you were watching the game or any game for that matter  involving the Giants, then you would see that Gilbride needs to be canned. Plain and simple.

 I don’t blame Buddy Ryan for punching him on the sideline in the Houston Oilers days. Lord knows I would.

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