Tebow Grounds (And Pounds) Jets


In what was a fascinating game to watch Thursday Night the Broncos(5-5) topped the Jets(5-5) 17-13 and moved into second place in the AFC West.  Of course, the bigger story here is the magic of Tim Tebow, and the inconsistencies of the New York Jets.  They allowed a Qb, who all week they scoffed at, drive his team 95 yards in 12 plays with 5:54 remaining in the game.  They had done a good job all night at containing Willis McGahee, who looked slow and appeared to be hurt, but in the end they couldn’t contain Tim Tebow, who while completing only two passes on the final drive, ran away, over, and through the Jets for victory.

The Jets….guaranteed to win the Super Bowl, have shown a propensity for blowing games this year.  Their offense has no identity and Mark Sanchez seems to be struggling with his confidence, his accuracy, and his decision making.  Sanchez doesn’t seem to be able to comprehend that Plaxico is a TALL receiver, although Plax reminds him after every incomplete pass by pointing to the sky. I also thought it was funny when Mike Mayock pointed out that on the interception Sanchez threw for a TD, that “Plaxico needs to fight for his Qb a little harder  there” Plaxico? Fight? Watch some more film Mike!  The problem the Jets face right now is that they have managed to lose to every team they might find themselves tied with in the AFC Wild Card race.  Losing to Oakland, Baltimore, and now Denver puts them in a precarious position.  I heard once again this morning that the JETS have a “favorable” schedule.  I’m guessing Denver was one of those favorable match-ups as of last week?  Is anyone suggesting this team can’t possibly lose to the Eagles, The Giants, or even the resurgent Dolphins?  Without having the tie-breaker advantage I am not sure that 9-7 is going to cut it this year, but we will see.