Burning Questions

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As the Giants prepare to entertain their conference rival Eagles at MetLife Stadium in the Meadowlands for a Sunday night nationally televised game, questions abound. One may evaluate the numbers, attach metrics to tendencies, and look at rankings in various categories to address these questions but I am not sure it will be of much good. For these 2 teams really don’t like each other and there is ample

history to fortify that abhorrence. No, I think a dispensing with all the statistics is in order, for this game will come down to who makes fewer mistakes and imposes their will over the other. Let’s try to isolate some of the questions regarding this game.

The Eagles run the ball better than anyone else, gaining almost 173 yards on the ground. Simply because Michael Vick is not expected to play does not negate the Eagles ability to move the ball on the ground. Vince Young is a capable runner and poses a physical presence. LeSean McCoy is one of the most exciting running backs in football. He runs with a style reminiscent of Barry Sanders which raises big red flags when imagining the challenge the Giants will have in stopping him. Couple McCoy’s outstanding running ability with the undermanned linebacker unit and it is time to pour a double for yourself. It will be interesting to see if Mark Herzlich is ready for prime time, for the speed of the game may be more than he is currently able to match. I remember watching A.J. Hawk and Clay Matthews in their first few games some years ago and they struggled. They also were not coming off a life threatening disease that robbed their bodies of muscle and substance. So in view of these facts I invoke the Michel Jordan Doctrine: You can’t stop him you can only hope to contain him. And containing McCoy will be key if the Giants are to ostensibly end the season for these dirty birds from 90 miles down the turnpike.