Burning Questions

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The Giants have been searching for their inner Tiki all year. There were some indications last week that there may be hope for this otherwise dreadful running attack. Brandon Jacobs doesn’t make me all warm and fuzzy when I think of him trying to get to the hole despite his yeoman-like performance in San Francisco. Jacobs, rapidly becoming the master of the 2 yard carry, might see that pathetic average increase against a less than stellar front seven but I think it is imperative to unveil Da’Rel Scott. Scott’s sturdy frame and sprinter-like speed is so filled with potential that Tom Coughlin is doing the team a disservice by not giving him playing time. Da’Rel, hang onto the ball and pick up your blitz assignments and you will earn Coughlin’s respect and trust. D.J. Ware in tandem with Jacobs leaves too many second/third down and longs which puts too much pressure on Eli Manning. Scott’s speed and power might reverse that trend and keep the Eagles from pinning their ears back and assaulting Eli.

With the late announcement of Michael Vick’s unavailability for Sunday nights game in addition to the injury related, will not play Jeremy Maclin, the Eagle’s receiving corp is somewhat weakened. However, arch-nemesis DeSean Jackson along with Jason Avant possess more than enough octane to keep a defensive coordinator awake at night. Throw in Brent Celek and a depleted linebacker unit due to the hammy injury of Michael Boley and you realty need to hit the tequila. Rounding out the receivers, LeSean McCoy has 31 catches out of the backfield and our old friend Steve Smith, although limited in receptions, as we all know can present unique problems in the slot. The Giants will have their hand full and will need great pressure from the front 4 to shorten the routes.