Coughlin Challenges GIANTS…


To say the GIANTS played pathetic last night would be an understatement. As you can tell from my series of posts regarding the 1st and 2nd quarter play, the GIANTS lacked the heart, drive, determination, and whatever else you may call it to win last night’s game. The Giants were lucky to have a chance to even win the game late. Here are some of highlights of what the Coach has had to say since the end of the game…

"“My question to them was, ‘Why?’ ” Coughlin said, when asked what he told the players in the locker room. “What did it take to understand what the Eagles were going to be like coming in here? You didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that team is 3-6, back to the wall, they’re going to play their butts off.“To get where we want to go, we’re going to have to play harder. And better. And we didn’t.”"

Coach goes onto say:

"You’d think your team would rally around that,” Coughlin said. “We didn’t do that. We had someone try to retaliate, which didn’t help any more than take away a 15-yard [personal foul] penalty. I would expect the team to rally at that point, but I didn’t see that either.“I’m really disappointed. Coming out of San Francisco, the talk was — by the players — that we’ll fight, we’ll play hard, we’ll do all that. I didn’t see that. I saw the penalties. I saw the skirmishes.”"

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"That is the biggest disappointment that we have had around here in a long time. I didn’t like the way we played. I know our offensive line was completely outplayed by the front eight of Philadelphia. Our defense did some good things in the first half but the second half was not very good and not what you like. Top it off by putting ourselves in position to tie the game and go into overtime and again we have penetration, breakdowns in protection, somebody gets beat and the quarterback doesn’t see him."

He further says regarding Prince:

"We did not and if Ross did not have to come in and out with his thigh, that probably would not have happened. We had a certain segment in the game that he was supposed to play but it turned into more. Without seeing the tape, I would say he played pretty well for a kid who just came out there."