Giants Q&A with Bear Pascoe


Before the Giants heartbreaking loss to the Eagles on Sunday Night, I was able to talk to Giants hybrid FB/TE  — Bear Pascoe about his take on the Niners game that had a special meaning to him.

We also explored the use of Twitter and team bonding between the Giants players, his expectations for the rest of the year, and advice to his Alma mater Fresno State.

What was it like going against the team that drafted you in 2009?

I was excited going back to San Fran. In a way I felt like I had something to prove. Off the field, it was great to have my whole family and several friends in attendance. I wish the outcome would have been different, but there were some good things to build on from that game.

It seems as though the rookies and the vets on the team are getting along quite well through the use of Twitter – Can you explain the dynamic with the team currently?

We have a great group of rookies, majority of them are playing every game on special teams, on offense or defense. I’m new to Twitter (@BearPascoe) but it is great because it has allowed some of us to connect with fans and have some fun with it.

What are your expectations for the rest of the year?

The rest of this season my expectations are to continue to get better as a player whether it be at Fullback or Tight End. As a team we plan to take one week at a time.

Your alma mater Fresno State just came off a 3 game losing streak – Do you have any advice to the guys on the team?
When I was at Fresno we had a rough season in 2006. Actually, in 2006, Coach Hill took the dogs off our helmets and made us earn them back. If I could tell them anything it would be to stay a team. There are a lot of outside influences right now but if they stay a fist and never stop battling they will work through this rough spot.

— Pascoe and the Giants are currently 6-4 on their way to a Monday night game against the Saints. Tied for 1st place atop the NFC East with the Dallas Cowboys, the upcoming game is crucial to the Giants success for the rest of the year–

*I would like to thank Bear Pascoe and Kim Staninger for taking the time to give some insight into the Giants. *

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