The Tall Guy – After Action Review


This one hurts. The Giants had a chance to put a nail into the Eagles season, and instead wound up nailing themselves. They now go into a two game stretch as decided underdogs, and once again the prospect of a second half collapse looms large.

What went wrong? Nearly everything. Manning didn’t play a bad game, it just looked that way as he got virtually no help from the rest of the offensive unit. The line didn’t block well, which meant that there was no rushing game, which meant there was no way to set up the passing game. That didn’t matter either, as the O-line didn’t do a good job of pass protection. With the exception of Victor Cruz, the receivers didn’t have a good game, either.

Defensively, Prince Aumkamara showed why he was the Giants number one choice, and Michael Herzlich showed promise. There were a couple of other players on the defensive side of the ball that had and OK game, but the team did not look as if they were prepared or motivated. Maybe the coaching staff is to blame, maybe the the players are to blame, maybe it was a joint effort. Whatever the reasons, the Giants must now fight and claw the way the Eagles did the other night. Maybe the Giants are now so angrywith themselves that they will find a way to upset the Saints.

I apologize for the short post, but Thanksgiving Day preparations call. Happy Turkey Day, everyone!