Injury Update: Could that be the End of Osi?


The giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora left last nights game in the first half with a sprained ankle, and was said to be having it taped and his return was probable.  Later in the second half we heard he was done for the night.  Now reports are surfacing that he could be out “a while” and with only 5 games left, that could mean the rest of the regular season.  With all the contract and injury problems the Giants have had with Osi the past few years, it certainly isn’t beyond the realm of possibility that Osi may have played his last game as a Giant.

With all the talent in the world, and having Michael Strahan on the opposite side of the defense, many believed Osi would be the next great Giants defender.  It seems Osi got lost a long the way however.  he has become a one dimensional player at best.  He specializes in the long looping outside pressure that gets to quarterbacks if they retreat too far.  He has had to make the strip a major part of his arsenal recently because he never really gets in position to put a hit on a quarterback anymore.  He is useless against the run outside or in, and with all the many knee and ankle injuries he has lost his power and most of his speed.  The Giants knew he was of limited use a few years back, but were able to manage his snaps, and stroke his ego to get the best of what he had left.  It is unfortunate that Osi turned fans off recently in  his comments and actions.  There are so few good guys left to root for in sports, and Osi is just another budding star that didn’t quite reach his full potential, and has blamed everyone else for his failings.  Osi will no doubt return to playing, but for who, and in what role, is still to be determined.