ESPN Experts Say…New York Giants Fall to the Pack


Well the picks are in, and most are in agreement that the Green Bay Packers will stay undefeated after their visit to Metlife Stadium. Given the well-publicized decline the Giants have seen these last few weeks I was surprised that three of our experts voted in favor of New York.

But I see their point; the Giants have the talent to be competitive against any team, they are just not executing the way they should. The defense needs to pressure Aaron Rodgers early and often to try to throw him off his game. If they can get to Rodgers then they will put the team in a great position to win. Overall the offense has been good and has proven they can put points on the board. It all starts with Eli, who, like Rodgers, is having a great season at quarterback. He needs to keep playing his game, and his receivers need to help out by not dropping the ball. The biggest difference maker in this game, however, would be if the running game can get off the ground. There are early reports that Ahmad Bradshaw could be back for this one. That could be the spark the team needs to pull itself out of their rut.

Across the NFC East, the experts predict the Cowboys will continue their winning streak. I would agree with them, a trip to Arizona is barely a challenge, and Dallas has proven they play well against mediocre teams.

I disagree with the experts on the Eagles/Seahawks game. I think Seattle will pull this one out. The Eagles are a pretty downtrodden team, and Seattle is usually a tough opponent at home. They dropped one last weekend to Washington, and I don’t see them losing again at home.

Redskins/Jets is a tough call too, because both teams are pretty inconsistent. You never know which team is going to take the field on any given Sunday. Both are coming off of good wins. The Redskins travelled to Seattle to steal one, while the Jets took down their division-rival in the Bills. The Redskins have the homefield advantage, but I have to agree with the experts that the Jets are less inconsistent than the Redskins and will take this one.

We are in week 13 and playoff watch is in full swing. The Giants might be down right now but they are not out. I have my doubts that they will pull out an upset this week, but I won’t stop hoping!