With a nice 13-3 record last week, and 1-0 so far this week…We are now 121-56  for the year.  Here are todays choices.

The JETS at Washington: The one thing the Redskins have is defense, and the Jets are struggling to find an offense.  This is a low scoring affair waiting to happen.  Much closer than some might think. Pick: Washington

Kansas City at Chicago:  Well, here we have two teams without  QB’s, and both with good defenses.  Chicago offense should be able to accomplish more than K.C. though.  Pick: Chicago

Tennessee at Buffalo: Tennessee has struggled lately. Buffalo played their biggest game of the year last week and came up short.  Both of these teams started strong and now try and stay relevant. Pick: Buffalo

Oakland at Miami: The running game of the Raiders is impressive and Carson Palmer only gets more comfortable each week.  Miami has been impressive, but the Raiders need to more at this point. Pick: Raiders

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh: Cincinnati couldn’t beat them at home with the Steelers missing a few players.  I just can’t see them winning on the road.  I’ll be rooting for the Bengals, but Pick: Steelers

Carolina at Tampa Bay: Tampa’s last stand. Carolina is always competitive with Cam Newton.  I think this is very close, and comes down to turnovers  Pick: Tampa Bay

Atlanta at Houston: A third string Qb against an improving Atlanta defense.  Tough choice here because Houston can still run the ball.  Arian Foster could ruin this pick.  Pick: Atlanta

Denver at Minnesota: Tebow until he loses. Pick: Denver

Indianapolis at New England: No explanation needed Pick: New England

Baltimore at Cleveland: Baltimore defense still controls games like this Pick: Baltimore

Green Bay at NYG:   The Giants need pressure and turnovers to have a chance.  If Bradshaw plays their chances go up. Same with Michael Boley  Pick: NYG

Dallas at Arizona: Larry Fitzgerald vs the Cowboy defense.  The Cowboys have escaped the last two weeks.  This road test might catch them by surprise.  Pick: Arizona

St. Louis at San Francisco: SF on extended rest, at home, looking to wrap up the division title.  Poor Spags..Come home please!

Pick: San Francisco

Detroit at New Orleans: Detroit with one less pass rusher, and a less than stellar run defense. Tough spot. Pick: New Orleans

Those are the Sunday picks for this week….a tough week actually as we wait to see who still has the desire to show up and play.