Giants Show Well Against Packers


The Giants (6-6) faced off against the Green Bay Packers (12-0) and put up their best fight of the season.  Let’s look at some of the numbers:

Giants 100 yards rushing:  The Giants finally showed a semblance of a running game.  The re-made Offensive Line looked good, the tight ends blocked well, and the wide receivers got into the act also.  The difference Ahmad Bradshaw makes is palpable.  He even made Brandon Jacobs look like his old self.

Packers leading rusher is Rodgers: The Giants knocked RB Starks out of thegame, and held Ryan Grant to 13 carries for 29 yards.

Eli was 23/40 for 347 and 3 TD’s: Eli throws the long ball as good as anyone, and he used it all night to move the Giants down the field.  He also has great touch and chemistry near the goal line with Hakeem Nicks. Victor Cruz continues to impress as he went over 1,000 receiving tonight, and Jake Ballard is just tremendous at times.

Giants were 6/12 on offensive drives:  The Giants scored on 6 of their 12 offensive drives.

All in all the game WAS as close as the score:  The Giants had 447 total yards, The Packers had 449.   Third down conversions, one extra turnover, and having some inexperience on the field prevented a Giant win.  When the game was on the line Green Bay threw against a rookie linebacker, a third string corner that shouldn’t even be on the team in Wil Blackmon if everyone is healthy.  Give them credit, they had a minute to beat us and they did.  the Giants need to play with this focus, passion, and urgency on their last 4 games.  The Wild Card is still in play, and the Cowboys have beaten the Redskins in OT, beat Miami by one, and lost to Arizona in OT.  The Giants need to continue to show how good they can be.