Enemy Territory: 5 Questions from a Cowboys Blogger


We had the chance to answer Steven from TheLandryHat.com’s  questions about the New York Giants…

What is the biggest reason for the Giants recent four-game losing streak other than the caliber of the teams they’ve faced?

The lack of a running game due to the injury to Ahmad Bradshaw has coincided with the Giants recent slide against an admittedly tough schedule.  Leaving the ball in Eli’s hands with a chance to win is a great recipe for success, but not every week.

How is Eli Manning better this season as opposed to last year?

Eli has always been a clutch QB and has raised the level of the talent around him.  Last year however, he forced too many throws trying to make plays.  Now, his interception numbers were inflated by more tipped balls and than I have ever seen, but his decision making was poor.  He was instructed this year that taking a sack, or throwing the ball away, is not the worst thing that can happen…making a high throw that gets picked off IS the worst thing.  Our sack totals are up, his interceptions are down.

Will the recent changes to the Giant’s offensive line hurt or help them against the Cowboys on Sunday?

The Giants have many veteran payers along their offensive line that can play multiple positions.  They also have some young eager talent behind them.  Mitch Petrus is a high energy, intelligent lineman.  Kevin Boothe can play center, guard, tackle. With the leadership of Diehl, Snee, and McKenzie the communication stays consistent even when the players change.  I think it makes them all better in the long run, ups the concentration on a per play basis, and gets some young hungry guys into the lineup.

Why do you think New York plays so well in Cowboy’s Stadium?

The Giants have been a successful road team under Tom Coughlin, as proven by their Super Bowl run in 2007.  He also loves to play in division games, and he is a great historian of the game.  For all the years the Giants have been coming to Dallas, it gives the organization great joy when they can come away with a W.

Your prediction for the game?

If the Giants are healthy at running back, that allows Eli to use play action and exploit weaknesses in your secondary.  I know Rob Ryan will blitz relentlessly, but that allows for Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz, and  Mario Manningham, to play one-on one all day.  I think the Giants offense proves to be too much, and if the Cowboys get behind, I would look for Mr. Romo to throw a few our way.