ESPN Experts Say…Giants Will Lose to the Cowboys


The experts are still riding high on the Dallas Cowboys and expect them to win this Sunday night against the New York Giants. The game will take place at Cowboys Stadium, where Dallas will look to earn their first win in Jerry World against the Giants.

I am surprised only two analysts have chosen the Giants to win. Did they not watch football last week? The Cowboys suffered a tough loss against a mediocre Cardinals team. Their running game, which looked promising a few weeks ago, has been lacking recently. They also have injuries to key players, and Tony Romo historically starts to decline around this time of year.

On the flip side, the Giants have lost four in a row, the worst loss coming against New Orleans two weeks ago. Despite losing at home to the Packers last week, there was a great deal of improvement on both sides of the ball. The running game finally showed some life, and the defense played better than they had in awhile. Injuries are still a problem, however, and one never knows which version of the Giants will show up in a given week.

These picks would have been more accurate and unbiased if the analysts had been split more evenly. I do believe this is anyone’s game, depending on the level of energy, preparedness and sense of urgency these teams show early in the matchup. I think the Giants have the edge, however, because road trips do not affect New York as much as other teams.

Across the NFC East, the Eagles are facing the resurgent Dolphins in Miami, and Washington will be home dealing with New England. Not surprising, the analysts mostly agree that both division teams will lose this week. It doesn’t matter to the Giants what happens in the rest of the division at this point, as neither team has a chance to make the playoffs, but they could still be spoilers for both the Giants and Cowboys in the final weeks of the regular season.

The only other team the Giants have left to face this season is the Jets, who are unanimously voted to beat the Chiefs. None of these predictions are a surprise, and are most likely correct.