Entering Enemy Territory: Honest Answers from a Cowboys Blogger


Steven from “TheLandryHat.com was kind enough to answer some questions I had about his Cowboys. They are refreshingly honest and I appreciate his efforts.
1. The Cowboys running attack took a turn for the better when DeMarco Murray showed up, but in recent weeks he seems to have slacked off.  What do you think is the reason for the lower production?

The absence of fullback Tony Fiammetta has had a lot to do with it. Fiammetta has been out the past three weeks due to illness. In the last three weeks, Dallas has only averaged 85 total rushing yards. With Fiammetta in the lineup, the Boys averaged 137 rushing yards per game. He has returned to practice this week and has been cleared to play on Sunday night.

2. Jason Garrett has come under scrutiny this week especially.  What is the overall feeling about Jason?

I think Cowboy Nation is split on Garrett. Some of them want him fired, while others understand he’s a first time NFL head coach who is bound to make some rookie mistakes. Unfortunately for Garrett, Owner and GM Jerry Jones doesn’t have too much patience for mistakes. But if Garrett can get the Cowboys deep into the playoffs, all will be forgiven.

3. The Giants have played very well in your new stadium. Overall has the new building been much of an advantage?

Not really. Other than a big “wow” factor, there really is no home field advantage in Big “D”. One of the major factors working against the Cowboys at home is the lack of crowd noise. I can’t tell you how many  times I can hear Tony Romo clearly while he’s on the line of scrimmage. It’s kind of amazing that the stadium is that quiet and it’s probably acoustically designed to be so. Great for the fans, but terrible for home field advantage. But I think in time it will become more Cowboy friendly.

4. Tony Romo is a very talented athlete.  Do Cowboys fans feel he is the one to get them to a Super Bowl, or do you think he lacks some quality?

I think you would have gotten a different answer a few weeks ago. But for now it seems that Cowboy fans do believe Tony Romo can take us to the promised land. The infusion of talent from DeMarco Murray, Laurent Robinson, and Dan Bailey have gone a long way in aiding the quarterback’s reputation among fans. As always, Romo is just one bad game away from being crucified. And that will continue until he wins a Superbowl in Dallas.

5. Your prediction of the game and the division?

I think the entire game is predicated on the Dallas running game. And I think Tom Coughlin knows this and will put eight men in the box to stop it. With Miles Austin and Laurent Robinson questionable for the game, Dallas’ passing game will be shaky. I don’t like what I saw last week from the Cowboys against the Cardinals. I expect a low scoring game with the Giants winning. As for the division title, I think it will ultimately go to the victor of this game.