NFL Sunday Picks


We had a rough week last week going 9-7 thanks to some unexpected injuries, and some other strange happenings.  We stand at 130-63 for the season including Thursday nights win in Pittsburgh.  Here we go:

New England at Washington: The Redskin defense is pretty good, but still no match in the long run for the Patriots


Kansas City at New York Jets: The Jet offense will have it’s struggles again this week against a very strong K.C. defense.  However Tyler Palko won’t mature much against the Jet defense. PICK: JETS

Houston at Cincinnati: Cincy’s defense might be a little much for the beat up Texans.  I’m going with the home team with Cincy making it’s last stand at a playoff spot.  PICK: CINCINNATI

Indianapolis at Baltimore:  Even though Baltimore lost to Jacksonville earlier this year, I don’t think lightning strike twice, besdie The Ravens need to keep pace with the Steelers: PICK BALTIMORE

Minnesota at Detroit: Keep an eye on who is playing Qb for Minny this week.  Christian Ponder wasn’t practicing during the week and might be out for this game.  Joe Webb won’t scare the Lions and the Minnesota secondary allowed Tim Tebow to go 15-20!  PICK: DETROIT

Atlanta at Carolina: I have been a big fan of Cam Newton this year, but the rest of the team needs some help, as he noted this week in the media.  Atlanta needs to sew up the top Wild Card spot soon. PICK: ATLANTA

Philadelphia at Miami: Vick, Maclin, Matthews, all back….I’m guessing they need some time to get used to seeing each other again.  Miami playing very well especially at home.  PICK: MIAMI

Tampa Bay at Jacksonville: If Raheem Morris wants to have any sense of success this year, he needs to start winning again.  Jacksonville didn’t look much better last Monday with a new coach.  PICK: TAMPA BAY

New Orleans at Tennessee: New Orleans is on a roll. Tennessee coming off a good road win in Buffalo.  I don’t see N.O. missing a step here.  PICK: NEW ORLEANS

San Francisco at Arizona: Fantastic effort by Arizona last week beating the Cowboys in Overtime, and a nice pick by us.  I think they spent a lot on that game.  PICK: SAN FRANCISCO

Chicago at Denver: Chicago with no Qb and no RB…I’m not turing on Tebow now.  PICK: DENVER

Oakland at Green Bay: This one is actually a tough one.  The Green Bay defense could be susceptible to the Oakland running game and if Carson Palmer gets going with the Raider speed, there could be a lot of points scored here.  Still think Rodgers is too much for anyone to handle.  PICK: GREEN BAY

Buffalo at San Diego: San Diego needs this one, and all the rest. Buffalo blew their chances last week at home, this one across the country ends badly for them. PICK: SAN DIEGO

New York GIANTS AT DALLAS: I think the running game is back for the Giants and will help Eli exploit the Cowboy secondary.  Dallas offensive line still a work in progress. PICK: GIANTS

Just for the record…here is where I register my picks every Thursday.