The Case Against Giants D Coordinator Perry Fewell


The New York Giants enter their day off today as the leaders in the NFC East. However, all is not rosy in East Rutherford. The Giants may be in first place, but everyone knows the Giants cannot make a run in the playoffs with the defense playing the way they are.

Here are some of the awful statistics that represent and define who the Giants are defensively:

  • Ranked 30th in Yards Allowed Per Game at 391.6
  • Ranked 27th in Points Allowed Per Game at 26.8
  • Ranked 22nd in Rushing Yards Allowed Per Game at 127.9
  • Ranked 29th in Passing Yards Allowed Per game at 263.7
  • Ranked 10th in INTs with 15
  • Ranked 6th in Sacks with 36
  • Ranked 26th in Total TDs allowed with 26.

However, even more damning than the statistics are the words coming out of East Rutherford. Words such as ” communication breakdown” “broken coverage” “wrong formation” “wrong players on the field” “guessing on the play” and “confused.”

Although the Giants are leading the NFC East that does not mean they should not make a move. The Giants have given up 30 or more points in three consecutive games. That is unacceptable. Injuries are not an excuse when you look at the talent the GIANTS have on the field. You have had both of your starting safeties for the whole season (or the majority of it). Yes, your number one corner is on IR, but you have had your number two and three corners for the majority of the season. Yes, Osi and Tuck have missed significant time, but you have had JPP and your starting D-tackles for the majority of the season. That is a lot of wasted talent on the field.

It is time to make the change. Time to shake things up; send a message to the coaching staff and the players. Tom Coughlin is still coaching for his job and he should know that all of his coaches are also coaching for their job. If I was Tom Coughlin, I would fire Fewell for the sole reason that the defense may be the reason Coughlin gets fired this year.

Perry has had plenty of time with this defense. He has been their coach for more than two years and we expect more from him. There is no excuse to be in week 14 of the NFL season and this defense cannot even get the right players on the field. You never make a change for the sake of making a change; However, a change is needed and long over due.