Tall Tales – Giants Redskins After Action Review


According to Antrel Rolle, if the Giants and the Redskins played 100 times the Giants would win 99 of them They played each other twice in 2011, and the Redskins won both, so the law of averages was defied.

Quite honestly, this was an ugly effort. The Giants reverted to the ghost of seasons past, with dropped balls by wide open receivers, failure to protect the QB, interceptions be Eli Manning, and nothing in the way of a defensive effort. Playing against a Redskins line that was missing its two starting OT’s, the Giants defense registered 1 sack and allowed the ‘Skins 35 minutes of possession. The Giants number 1 draft choice wound up getting benched. The team managed to accumulate 8 penalties and showed no sense of urgency. The coaching staff didn’t appear to have put in an effective game plan, and what was installed wasn’t executed. If there was a bright spot for the G-Men, it was their special teams, which performed adequately.

Incredibly, the Giants still control their own destiny, and if they win out they go to the playoffs. If the Giants can play with fire and passion, they might get to the post season. If my aunt was a man she’d be my uncle. The odds makers have installed the Jets as three point favorites. Right now, I think that’s being charitable.