Santonio Holmes poised to shred Giants secondary?


As most of the sports world knows, the two New York football heavyweights are set to take on each other in a game of immense importance on Christmas Eve.

Both teams are fighting for their playoff lives and for the Giants it is nothing short of a must win.

Christmas is a time of gathering and relaxation for families all over the country, but in New York, there will be no relaxing until the clock hits 0:00 in the 4th.

Most Giants fans are well aware of the struggles in the secondary. Prince is not ready for prime time, Grant looks old, and Rolle takes no blame for blown coverage. The only player who has looked somewhat decent has been Corey Webster.

Here is a haunting stat in regards to this that should make fans quiver. The Giants have allowed opposing wide outs to score 11 touchdowns in the past five weeks. Ouch.

Touchdowns aside, the Giants need to make sure that Santonio Holmes is in check. In 15 weeks this season, Holmes has yet to eclipse over 100 yds receiving. The Giants do not want to give Holmes an early Christmas present by allowing him to get over that mark.

The Giants are hoping that their secondary ends up on the nice list rather than the naughty list for this coming Christmas. (I’m sorry, I had to)

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