New York Giants’ Playoff Chances After Week 15


I wrote about the Giants’ chances of making the playoffs last week after their win against the Dallas Cowboys put them in first place in the NFC East and thought I’d pass along the stats showing the probability of the Giants making the playoffs after their loss to the Redskins in Week 15.

According to the Giants’ Week 15 loss dropped their playoff probability percentage from 63.23% to 35.20%, which is a loss of 28.03% points. Obviously that is not good but that doesn’t mean the Giants are out of the playoff picture. They still hold the tiebreaker over the Cowboys and a victory against the Jets will bring those percentage points up, and if the Eagles were to take care of the Cowboys this week then the Giants could take back first place in the NFC East.

The race for the division in the East is more than likely going to go down to the wire and these next two games will show us what the Giants are truly made of.