Tall Tales – Giants Jets After Action Review


I know that this is a late posting, but my computer got hit with a major virus, and this is the first chance that I’ve had to post. I apologize for my tardiness, but I hope that everyone understands.

The good news is that the G-Men won the battle of NY, and made everyone’s Christmas a little merrier, unless you’re a Jets fan. By virtue of the win, the Giants still control their own destiny (they would have anyway, with a win over Dallas this coming week), but the Giants’ emotional state is probably better for it. As is typical of the guys in blue, the game was a microcosm of the season: flashes of brilliance with periods of lackluster performance. More after the jump.From a statistical viewing, the game was somewhat even. The punting game was virtually equal, with each team punting 9 times. The Giants had a 43 yard average, while the Jets averaged 42 yards. Tynes drilled two field goals, while Coach Coughlin iced the Jets kicker, and Mr. Folk missed his one attempt. Offensively, the Giants running attack showed some signs of life in the second half. The rushing totals were ordinary, but after only 6 yards gained in the first half the G-Men came up with a respectable tally for the game. Both Jacobs and Bradshaw literally ran over people. 26 attempts for 115 yards versus 25 attempts and 105 yards for the Jets. About even, although it seemed as if the Jets secondary wanted no part of either of the Giants main backs.

Statistically, this was another poor outing for Eli Manning. 9/27 for 225 yards, 1 TD, 1INT, and 2 sacks for a loss of 8 yards. The line kept him upright for most of the game, and 99 of the yards came on the Victor Cruz reception. Poor tackling by the Jets turned a definite 10-12 yard gain into a momentum changing TD catch and run, and gave the Giants a spark. The Jets Sanchez was 30/59 for 258 yards, 1TD, and 2 INT’s, but he also had a costly fumble that could have given the Jets a TD and the lead. The Jets appeared to give up on the running game early on, and forced Sanchez to make the plays. He couldn’t. The Giants sacked him 5 times (should have been 6; the tuck rule sucks), intercepted him twice, and generally rattled him. The Giants receivers dropped some catches (again), and Revis was able to stfile Hakeem Nicks for most of the game. Justin Tuck came back to life, and Jason Pierre-Paul is turning into a beast, and Joaquin Williams is showing why the Giants drafted him. Perry Fewell simplified the defensive plan, and it showed. Corey Webster had a great game, as did Aaron Ross and Kenny Phillips.

Basically, this win was more psychological for the Giants. The spate of injuries this year has forced them to make do and adjust, and it has given the young talent the chance to develop undergame situations. When the injured come back next year, and with players such as Mitch Petrus showing ability, the Giants should have a solid year. Now comes the hard part: avoiding the let down against the Cowboys as the game has been flexed to Sunday night. Who wants it more?