Giants Defeat Pack, Get Home Field Throughout: 25 Years Ago This Week


Week 16 in the NFL used to be the final week, now with television revenues being the driving force we have week 17.  But 25 years ago the Giants faced the Green Bay Packers in Giants Stadium for the chance to finish the season at 14-2 with a 9 game winning streak, and secure home field advantage throughout the playoffs.  In 1986 home field for the Giants was a huge factor in their success as you will see in the weeks to come.

The Giants played a strange game in week 16.  All season long the defense continued to rise to every occasion and win games in spite of the struggling offense.  On this day, the score at halftime was 24-17 Giants, and the defense looked like they had taken the day off.  Sparked by a blocked punt by ex-Packer Tom Flynn the Giants steamrolled in the second half and won the game by the score 55-24.

The New York Football Giants had won the NFC EAST and had secured home field advantage throughout the playoffs.  The week off seemed like forever, and the Giants really didn’t need it, but it was fun to know we would be able to watch the road to the Super Bowl in our own stadium.